通訳ガイドアイリスのつれづれ日記 Diary of Iris, a tour guide (E/J) in Kyoto

Iris, a Kyotoite and licensed tour guide writes on the charms of Kyoto and Japan. 京都在住の通訳案内士アイリスが京都の魅力や旅の出会いをお伝えします。

銀閣寺 美しい白砂の模様作成中!Ginkakuji Zen temple, the gardeners are making the artistic sand platform.

The Silver Pavilion is famous for its beautiful sand gardens. I happened to see the making of the waves on the sand platforms.

There is the place you can see the replica of the original colors of the Silver pavilion.

It must be so gorgeous to see the ' Silver Sand Sea ' under the full moon without any electric lights.
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東京谷中の旅館澤の屋、クリーンでお家のような温かいおもてなし。The SAWANOYA -INN , very clean and at home atmosphere.

Their room key is so cute. the small temple bell.

In front of an elementary school in Yanaka during my walking around, I found one of the replica of `Daimyo Clock ', the Samurai lords ' clock.

The ' Anpan- Man welcomes the kindergarten kids.
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Arashiyama Monkey Park Iwatayama, tamed Japanese monkeys and friendly staff! 嵐山モンキーパーク!お利口で上品なお猿さん。

Walking up about 20 minutes, and you can have a panoramic view of Kyoto 155m from the sea level. So many small Japanese monkeys welcome you. There is the cage like hut for the visitors who can buy and feed apple, nuts, sweet potatos to them by the nets. Their babies were so lovely.
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  2. 京 Kyoto city west
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伏見のランドマーク 松本酒造さんの八角レンガ煙突 The Octagonal Brick Chimney of the Matsumoto Shuzo, one of the famous Sake brewery in Fushimi, Kyoto.

Like a postcard! The preserved wooden building has been used as the SAKE brewery.絵葉書のような美しさですね。お仕事の前にパチリ、です。

The Octagonal brick chimney is the company's symbol, and also the landmark of Fushimi, the sake wine breweries area.近づきますとこんなに大きいのですね。こちらは今は使われていないとの事です。酒蔵さんの心意気が伝わります。

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  2. 京 Fushimi, Kyoto
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嵐山の渡月橋 厳しい寒さですね。


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吉田神社の節分2013 Happy New Year! The Setsubun Festival in Yoshida Jinja Shinto Shrine near Kyoto University.

'Setsubun' is the celebration of the Chinese lunar calendar's New Year. Isn't it nice that Japanese can celebrate two New Year's holiday?
Yoshida Jinja Shinto Shrine is near Kyoto University, and is only 10-minite-walking from Iris's residence. Look at this serene main sanctuary on top of the holy Mt. Yoshida.

'Oni-san' are the demons, and they have the important role of making the kids screaming and crying because the demons threat them by yelling 'Are there any bad kids?' They are warded off by the messenger of the gods at the end of the religious rite.

'Oni-san' are performed by the dads of the kids nearby an elementary school. Good Job!

Kids are participating in the religious festival.

'Itadaki-masu!(=Thank you for the good meal!)' I had the 'Misoka-soba', the auspicious buckwheat noodles eaten only in the year-end, wishing longevity.
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  2. 京 Kyoto city north
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建仁寺① 魅力いっぱい、龍さんのお出迎え!Kenninji Zen Temple, the oldest zen temple in Kyoto.

I was so grateful to have the opportunity to meet the zen priest and hear the explanations on zen philosophy and the temple with my colleages. Thanks to the colleagues who took care of this precious field trip.

The number of the dragon's fingers were decided by the Chinese Emperor in the old times as 5 for the Emperor's belonging, the other and in Korea 4 fingers, and Japan 3 fingers. But this twin dragons were depicted by an a painter today. It was drawn commemorating the 800-year anniversary of the foundation of Kenninji Temple.

The fantastic reproduction of the sliding doors in the main hall. The 50 of them were copied using the state-of-the-art technology of the Canon, the one of the most popular camera company.

The main hall was reroofed and regained its original figure 400 years ago. The white gravel reflect the sunlight into the rooms. Traditional idea is such a nice eco-friendly system.
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アイリス 千代間 泉 CHIYOMA, Izumi (IRIS)

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Welcome to the blog of Iris, a national-licenced tour guide (English) living and working in Kyoto.
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