通訳ガイドアイリスのつれづれ日記 Diary of Iris, a tour guide (E/J) in Kyoto

Iris, a Kyotoite and licensed tour guide writes on the charms of Kyoto and Japan. 京都在住の通訳案内士アイリスが京都の魅力や旅の出会いをお伝えします。

The moon on the Togetsukyo Bridge and the bamboo forest at Arashiyama, Kyoto.

Fantastic scenery at the 'Crossing-the-Moon' Bridge at Arashiyama.

The bamboo forest nearby creates a magical atomosphere in the early evening.
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  2. 京 Kyoto city west
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晴鴨楼 和風の美しいたたずまい 凛とした懸がいの菊 Genuine Japanese INN: Seiko-roh near the Kamo River.

何日か訪れる内にお花が開いてきました。緑の中から凛とした黄色の菊のお花が美しいです。This looks alike to Bonsai, the miniature potted tree, and Chrysanthemum like this is a joy of autumn.

外観もそうですが、中も和風のたたずまいが素敵ですよ~。お客様へのご対応もさすが、おもてなしがひかります。I had an opportunity to commute to this inn for a short period. The interior was genuine Japanese, and the staff's hospitality were so good.
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  2. kyoto city east
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頑張れ!西陣織会館着物ショー。Fantastic kimono show at the Nishijin Textile Center.

Kimono Show here is definitely worth to see!

The formal kimono for the young ladies ( not married yet ).

と言うわけで、アイリスもちょっと大正ロマンを着てみましたよ。My kimono is a kind of antique 60 years ago.
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  2. kimono
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時代祭:思いがけず市バスの中が素敵な観覧席に!Best shots of the parade of 'Jidai Matsuri'( the Festival of the Ages) from the city bus.

I was so lucky to see the 'Jidai Matsuri' Festival from inside of the city bus.

Horses take the important roles in the procession. Ganbatte!

Cute young aristocrats with the wings.

The festival is said one of the three grand festivals in Kyoto. In this procession, you can see various costumes of the times when Kyoto was the capital of Japan between 794 and 1867.
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  2. お祭!Traditional Festivals
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亀岡の夢コスモス園 夢のようなお花摘みの一時!An autumn scenery: 'Kameoka Yume Cosmos en', the cosmos field in Kameoka city,Kyoto Prefecture.



I could cut a lot of flowers at the cost of 500 yen. How nice to see the autumn colors on my table.
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  2. 花 flower
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At Kasuga Taisha Shinto Shrine in Nara. 春日の山に響く勇壮な太鼓の音!

おお、神聖なるご本殿に平和な鹿さん。さすが神のお使いの風格です。可愛い七五三のお子達の小さなお指でのピース姿がいっぱいですね。Peaceful deer, who must be one of the decendents of the sacred white deer who brought one of the major deity of Kasuga Taisha Shinto Shrine in the ancient times.

この日は10月14日の日曜日、若宮にてヤング学生さん達の太鼓のご奉納の遭遇!本殿では神様のお家が拝見しずらいものですから、時間のある時には春日の森と若宮にお連れしています。お腹にずしっと来るバチの音の感覚ですね。There was a dedication of the performance of the drums by the local middle school students. The sound was just amazing, as if the gods are coming down to the earth.
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  2. 奈良 nara
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御婚儀花車 京都国際ホテルにて。Restored decorative oxcart used by the courtiers.


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  2. 乗り物 vehicles
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At HOSHINOYA, Kyoto. 星のやさんのお舟から美しい夕景。

お客様お迎え時にふわ~んと何とも美しい鐘の音。スタッフの皆様のおもてなしの一環のようです。旅の疲れが吹っ飛ばれますね。Beautiful sounds of the bells when the staff welcome their guests!

The boatman/staff of the boat going back to the pier at Arashiyama said to me it was rare to have such a beautiful autumn evening scenery. Yes, I agree.
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  2. 京 Kyoto city west
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A dragonfly and the former parking lot of the horses in Kinkaku, the Golden Pavilion. 現代の金閣寺駐車場、秋の風に乗ってフレンドリーなオニヤンマさん&昔の駐車場「馬繋」。

Can you see a big dragonfly? He was so friendly to us, and was almost resting on my fingers. The autumn is surely here.

Uma-tsunagi was the parking lot of the horses. 今はベンチが前に置かれ、思い思いに休憩しておられますね。
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  2. 京 Kyoto city north
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Otsuka Museum of Art 大塚国際美術館


鳴門大橋のたもとに何とも立派なミュージアム。駐車場からシャトルバスに乗り換えて到着です。入場料も立派!ですが、中は半日から一日以上いても飽きない内容ですね。美しいスクロヴェーニ礼拝堂の中でしばしうっとり!On the way back from Shikoku Island trip, we stopped at the Otsuka Museum of Art, adjacent to the Ohnaruto-kyo Bridge connecting Tokushima Pref. and Awaji Island of Hyogo Pref. This is one of their display of the replica of Scrovegni Chapel. All the drawings, more than 1,000 pieces of Western art were reproduced by ceramic boards, and they will last more than 2,000 years. Just gorgeous and amazing!

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  2. 徳島 Tokushima Pref.
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Thank you for visiting my blog! ブログを見て下さってありがとうございます。

I noticed that the number of the visitors of my blog will surpass 20,000 soon. I am so grateful to the visitors and the people who encouraged me to start and keep writing. Thank you so much!

Being at a party in September. I wore my summer silk kimono which used to be my mother-in-law's.

With gorgeous Japanese roses. I love to learn the British-style flower arrangement in Ms. Doi's class.
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  2. ご挨拶
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土佐山内家宝物資料館 Samurai Iris! at the Tosa Ymauchi Family Treasury and archives.

This museum display the precious treasures and materials related to the Yamauchi Family - the rulers of the Tosa Domain throughout the Edo Period. Wow, in the lobby, such a dangerous sword! No worry about this. It is just a toy. You can wear their unique helmet of 'rabbit ears' and can feel how heavy and long the swords are.

The sea facing the Pacific Ocean was such a beautiful blue color. This is famous 'Katsurahama' coast in Kochi Pref.
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  2. 高知 Kochi Pref.
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岩崎弥太郎氏のご生家 お、スリーダイアですよ!The home of Mr. Yataro Iwasaki, the founder of the Mitsubishi Companies.

During my trip to Shikoku Island, I visited the house that Mr. Yataro Iwasaki, the founder of the Mitsubishi Companies.
What you can see under the roof is the family crest of the Iwasaki Family. Assembling the family crests of the family and the Yamauchi, the Daimyo (=the feudal lord of the domain), the present company logo was completed, and has been used as the company logo of Mitsubishi Companies.

緑の美しい田畑と民家に囲まれたご生家が大切に保存されています。中に入らせて頂くと、何だか大河ドラマのお家と一緒の造りのように感じますね。Beautiful thatched-roof house was the house he was born and spent his young days.

Nice to have a rest in an open-air cafe in front of his house. Look at the logo of Yataro's moustache.
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  2. 高知 Kochi Pref.
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アイリス 千代間 泉 CHIYOMA, Izumi (IRIS)

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Welcome to the blog of Iris, a national-licenced tour guide (English) living and working in Kyoto.
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I started my student's life in a graduate school from April 2017, majoring interpersonal communication and linguistics. I hope to keep sending useful information for guiding Kyoto with lovely animals.
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