全国通訳案内士アイリスのつれづれ日記 Diary of Iris, a tour guide (E/J) in Kyoto

Iris, a Kyotoite and licensed tour guide writes on the charms of Kyoto and Japan. 京都在住の通訳案内士アイリスが京都の魅力や旅の出会いをお伝えします。

嵐山 野宮神社の斎宮行列 The restored procession of 'Saigu', sacred royal lady in Arashiyama, Kyoto.

Kyoto is having various autumn festivals now.

Next Saturday is 'Jidai' festival, the festival of the ages.

Today I encountered the restored festival, the procession of the sacred royal lady and her attendants.

The other day by the Ohi River, black shiba dog mascot character was greeting to us.

So adorable!

The temperature inside must be much better than mid-summer.

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  2. お祭!Traditional Festivals
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祇園祭後祭の山鉾巡行。町衆の心意気に胸きゅん!Festive floats parades of Gion Festival on July 24th 2016.

Gigantic festive floats shaped like a big boat with dragon head! This is 'Oh-fune-boko', which was recently restored 150 years later after the big fire related to the Meiji restoration time civil war.












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  2. お祭!Traditional Festivals
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祇園祭宵宵山、美しい函谷鉾、熱気溢れる鉾の中!The night before the Festive Floats Parade of the Gion Festival, an intangible world heritage. The Floats are surely ' the moving museums'.



The highlights of the Gion Festival is the parade of the festive floats which hold the deities to ward off the evil spirits. The festival started more than 1,000 years ago. Here, I had an opportunity to ride on one of the most beautiful float called 'Kanko-boko'. The musicians are the long-time supporting towns people's sons.

中からパチリですえ~。Women were not allowed to visit the interior of the floats, but today only some evenings before the parade is okay.

Wow, this carpet is titled 'Rebecca offering the water to Issac', and is an important cultural asset. We could have a very close look. This is why the festive floats are called 'the moving museum'.

近年新調された「モンサンミッシェル」の前掛け。ああ、行きとおす~。Recently they added the 'Mont-Saint-Michel'.

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  2. お祭!Traditional Festivals
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時代祭:思いがけず市バスの中が素敵な観覧席に!Best shots of the parade of 'Jidai Matsuri'( the Festival of the Ages) from the city bus.

I was so lucky to see the 'Jidai Matsuri' Festival from inside of the city bus.

Horses take the important roles in the procession. Ganbatte!

Cute young aristocrats with the wings.

The festival is said one of the three grand festivals in Kyoto. In this procession, you can see various costumes of the times when Kyoto was the capital of Japan between 794 and 1867.
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  2. お祭!Traditional Festivals
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祇園祭山鉾巡行2012 青空に映えて!Gion Festival's highlight, the Festive Floats Parade.

美しいクリスタルのような氷の芸術、ホテルオークラのシェフのアイスカービングですね。せっかくの芸術なのに、この暑さでどんどんお水が流れていきます。アイリスの全身の汗もたらたら。Beautiful Ice carving of the 'Moon' Festive Float in front of the Hotel Okura Kyoto. I guess it was made by the chefs of the hotel.

前日はどのような作戦で一番良い所にお連れできるかな、と地図さんに相談していましたが、市役所とホテルオークラのあたりに致しました。皆様間近で京の町衆の心意気、祇園祭のハイライトを間近でご覧になれて本当に良かったです。バスのドライバーさんも機転を利かせてくださり、近くにて待機。I was very happy that my clients could see the floats parade of 1,000 year old in a close place. There are about 30 floats paraded to ward off the evil spirits and plagues.
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  2. お祭!Traditional Festivals
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特派員第二弾!時代祭を先導する京都府警平安騎馬隊!Police horses are working hard leading the parade of 'Jidai' Festival, one of the three grand festivals in Kyoto held today!

'Jidai Festival', or 'the Festival of the Eras', one of the three grand festivals of Kyoto was held today, and what you see in this picture is the police horses who are leading the parade. The backdrop is the Kyoto municipal office. This festival is rather young compared with other festivals lasting more than 1,100 years. It started in 1895, and the local people of Kyoto parade dressing up in costumes from the various eras between the 8th and 19th centuries.
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  2. お祭!Traditional Festivals
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アイリス 千代間 泉 CHIYOMA, Izumi (IRIS)

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