全国通訳案内士アイリスのつれづれ日記 Diary of Iris, a tour guide (E/J) in Kyoto

Iris, a Kyotoite and licensed tour guide writes on the charms of Kyoto and Japan. 京都在住の通訳案内士アイリスが京都の魅力や旅の出会いをお伝えします。

京都駅八条口の改装工事、快適になりますように。Chaos before the renovation done at Hachijo Entrance/Exit of Kyoto Sta.

Hachijo -guchi exit of Kyoto Sta. has been changing a lot.
I came earlier before meeting my clients here.

Let'see, reserved vehicles area is here,,,. Looks like not many car can fit.

The city buses going to Fushimi Inari shinto shrine now has a bus stop at F1.

Take a little break at Caffe Ciao Presso, one of my favorite cozy cafe before work.

Look at this lovely Maiko-lady.

This is another my favorite, weeping branches styled cherry blossoms at the Rock Garden Temple.

It stands just next to the entrance to the Rock garden.



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Fushimi, formerly the nearest port town to the Capital Kyoto, and now delicious Sake Wine breweries' town. 美味しいお酒の街伏見 美しい濠川でカヌーに遭遇、いいなあ!



今日の友情出演はお水つながりで、南禅寺順正さんの素晴らしいお庭の鯉さんです。Pretty 'koy' carp at the gorgeous pond garden of 'Nanzennji Junsei', 'Tofu' bean curd Restaurant.

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Kyoto Aquarium. Lovely dolphins are jumping! 京都水族館 ルカちゃんベストショット!

Kyoto city doesn't have any sea in its around, so this Kyoto Aquarium is the place that the local kids enjoy to meet the sea mammals and the river fish in Kyoto.
Isn't this the best shot I ever took?

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Lovely kitten greeting from one of the 'Otsuka' chapels at Mt. Inari.

We happen to see a
lovely kitten during a pleasant mountain hike. This is one of the 'Otsuka' chapels in Fushimi Inari Shinto Shrine. Hello Kitty!

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京の紅葉シリーズ:西本願寺のいちょう Gigantic Gingko tree at Nishi-Hongwanji Buddhist temple.

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何て美しい!伏見稲荷の千本鳥居。what a photogenic place Fushimiinari Shinto shrine is!

Fushimi Inari Shinto Shrine is the headquarter of 'Inari', the deity of business prosperity. It had the cerebration of its foundation 1300 years ago. After the great repair works, repainting of Torii Shinto shrine gates and so on, everything was so beautiful in vermillion. It is also a starting point of Higashiyama (=eastern hills) trecking course. It must be nice to walk around the chapels in the sacred mountain.
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稲荷大社の奥社遙拝所より登って行くと。 What a solemn place, Kumataka-sha chapel of Fushimi Inari Shinto Shrine.

Look at the Japanese traditional candles burning in the altar. If you want to find somebody who are lost, you can come here, and can clap your hands. The direction the echo return are the place where the person is. It is my pleasure to visit my favorite places like this with my clients. The chapel is 10 minutes climbing up from the so-called one thousand torii shinto shrine gates in Fushimi Inari Shinto Shrine.
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桂離宮、お水を抜いてお池の改修工事中。Beautiful Katura Detached Palace. Now under repair works on its ponds.

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酒蔵の街 伏見をお仲間と探検!

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宇治平等院表参道のお茶屋さんにて碾茶の体験をされました。お店の方が私の分も立ててくださって、口に含むと、ああ、本当に上品な良いお味です。素敵なグループさんで朝もバス内にてお祈りされ、お別れの際には口々にGod bless you!とおっしゃってくださり、本当に暖かい気持ちの祝福を頂きました。ご縁を頂きました東京のエージェント様にも深く御礼申し上げます。Uji is one of the famous tea manufacturers in Japan, and my clients had the opportunity to grind the stonemill and to make tea powder. Tea makers use the finest qualaity tea leaves for the tea powder, and the frothy tea was really good, and had elegant flavor and taste.

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アイリス 千代間 泉 CHIYOMA, Izumi (IRIS)

Author:アイリス 千代間 泉 CHIYOMA, Izumi (IRIS)
Welcome to the blog of Iris, a national-licenced tour guide (English) living and working in Kyoto.
I hope you enjoy my 'World Heritage Sites' visiting, Yoga practicing, Flower arrangements and encountering the animals in this blog.
My self-introduction is in Hi from Iris!.
I started my student's life in a graduate school from April 2017, majoring interpersonal communication and linguistics. I hope to keep sending useful information for guiding Kyoto with lovely animals.
Have a nice and happy trip to Japan!